Business Planning & Development

Through his Company, Mitchell F&D Limited, Peter Mitchel also offers a range of confidential, tailor-made bureau services to cider & perry producers, both large and small.

Ongoing Consultancy Support

Further to the above, the following is also undertaken:

  • Trouble-shooting, sensory evaluations and auditing.
  • NPD and process reviews & improvements.
  • Staff training and other ongoing advice as required.

New Product & Process Development

In addition to work being undertaken on-site at a client’s location, in the UK Mitchell F&D Limited has a comprehensive range of pilot-scale and laboratory equipment available for R&D and trial work as follows:

  • Juice production equipment
  • A set of three 100 litre fully controllable stainless-steel fermenters for fully managed & monitored trial work & process development.
  • Laboratory-scale blending, filtration, carbonation, packaging & pasteurisation.
  • Monitoring and laboratory analysis including %ABV, SG, CO2, acidity & pH, SO2, spectrophotometer-based assay kits (e.g. for fermentable sugars, organic nitrogen, organic acids etc) & colour.

Additional scale-up work can also be undertaken in conjunction with Hartpury Process Limited. Their own process equipment includes:

  • Fruit processing and juicing up to a rate of at least 1,250 litres per day.
  • Two 1000 litre stainless steel temperature controlled fermenters.
  • Filtration, bottling & pasteurisation of still product.

Facilities can be accessed on a supervised self-help or fully contracted basis.